Davy and Valerie were born in Belfast where they started their musical career. They know what a good night of entertainment is having spent so many years on the Irish Dance scene. They have played in halls and venues all over Ireland, UK and Europe.

Now based in Bedfordshire they are busy playing Country Clubs in the UK.

Opportunities Davy and Valerie have had to play music from different genres have contributed to a wealth of influences, the effect of which is heard in Logic's music.

Logic's musical style has evolved over the years and today they would discribe the main content of their live show as Traditional Country.
If requested to do so, they will always be willing to treat their audience to a sprinkling of Irish songs from their Albums, Shades of Ireland and Carrickfergus.

Make sure to catch Logic Live at a venue near you. They will always be happy to meet new  friends
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